“So, why start another church?”

Simplicity. In a world that has become so cluttered and complex its easy to make our relationship with God just as cluttered and complex. NorthStar Church will focus on making it simple and rewarding. Life is complicated enough!

At NorthStar we have determined to keep it simple: “Love God, Love Others!” Jesus said that those two things are the most important things to fulfill God’s will in our lives so therefore everything we do at NorthStar will reflect that mindset.

Jesus admonished a friend to slow down and do the “one thing” that is necessary and profitable: spending time with Him. Simplicity!

NorthStar Church is all about four things:


Producing Family

NorthStar provides unconditional love to nurture your gifts, talents and unique qualities so you can experience the family of God, and sense hope, healing, and peace that’s available to everyone.

One on One Relationships

NorthStar’s weekly gatherings will be a catalyst to promote intentional relationships. Growth rarely happens in large groups. Our focus will be to help people develop small and intimate groups of friends who can “Do” life together.

A Place to Heal

NorthStar’s motto is “Love God, Love Others”. It’s the driving force behind everything we do. Jesus has no favorites; He loves everyone. When He walked this earth he called Himself the “physician to the sick” and today it is no different. He continues to heal body, spirit and soul. NorthStar’s desire is to be a safe place for all.


NorthStar creates supportive environments and provides guidance to help you grow and achieve maturity on your spiritual journey; Producing followers of Christ so that personal lives, careers, relationships, marriages, families, parenting will become God-Focused.