About Us

The last seventeen years have been both rewarding and instructional. We’ve developed children, youth, and young adult departments and a campus for two large churches, that being said, we have realized that relationships were and are the most important component of any community.

Bea and I have always determined to do church as the Word of God prescribes: “loving Him and loving others” and as a result we have grown our “family” by the hundreds with people that consider us friends, mentors and spiritual parents as they find their own way on their personal spiritual journey.

Three years ago we began praying because we felt that God wanted us to begin a new community with our philosophy as the foundation, and as we prayed God started to give clarity to the vision: A community of people that are looking to live life to its fullest with intentional relationships that fosters spiritual and practical growth.

Hence we made the decision to take a step of faith and plant a church in the Germantown/Gaithersburg area called The NorthStar Church. NorthStar will focus on having an environment that encourages relationships so that there will be “church” happening everyday instead of just the one day we gather to celebrate.

We would love for you to be part of our family. As parents and grandparents we not only have the spiritual experience but the real life experiences to help you in each step of your God destined life. Please consider joining us as we help point people in the right direction.

There are a number of ways to connect with NorthStar to find out click the ‘jump in” tab to find out and join us as we do church differently. God bless!